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My Pregnancy Experience: First Trimester

I’ve had baby fever for quite some time, I come from a pretty large family, I’ve worked with kids most of my life, I’ve been around a lot of pregnant women, but you really have no idea about your own pregnancy until you’re actually pregnant. I mean it does make sense; pregnancy is so individualized. We are all different and unique right? No wonder you can’t be fully prepared for it. Even if you’ve had several kids, your body is different each time you get pregnant and the person growing inside you and their needs are different each time as well. First and foremost I was incredibly thankful and happy for this to happen the very moment it did. The timing was truly divine. I will say when I started my first draft of this blog it became me sharing my story of conception, so I plan on sharing that as well, but it needs it's own space. I know what a gift this little one is and I still give thanks every single day for this baby, this pregnancy and the wonderful birth experience we will h…


Get To Know Rachel

Born and raised in the small town of Brighton, Michigan, I learned the outdoors as a way of life. With their bachelor’s degrees in the arts, my parents were always inspired by the nature that surrounded them. The inspiration and connection to the planet my parents felt so deeply was passed down to me and, and this is something I holds very close to my her heart. For as long as I can remember I spent my summers camping across the state, and running along the shores of lake Michigan crashing into the waves or collecting shells. . My parents always let us kids create and express who we they were freely. I am so thankful to have been able to experience self-expression through arts & crafts, how we dressed, music, theater and dance. In the small town I grew up in was where I really started to explore the world of art. My freshman year of high school I took my first metal art class, and that was the bug that bit me. In 2011, I earned her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Oakland Community College where I enrolled as many art classes as I could which included drawing, design, and of course jewelry (my most favorite thing). I spent some time at Eastern Michigan University as a History major and that is where I realized art was more than just a hobby; it was my life, my outlet. I changed my major to Visual Art Education, and excited to start down this new path. With support in Houston, I decided to take a leap of faith and finish my Bachelor’s degree. In 2014 I transferred to the University of Houston. I completed the sculpture block program and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture with a minor in education. In the sculpture program I really was able to find my purpose as an artist. Being forced to work with other materials, playing with my attraction to craft, and exploring further the mediums of found objects and textiles. As an artist, I have a need to constantly be challenged by learning new practices and working with a variety of materials.

My childhood wasn't always rainbows and butterflies. Living my life now as a warrior goddess, and survivor is mainly due to my experiences as a child and adolecsence (like the rest of us right? you are so loved my beautiful surivivors). I'll never forget that moment: walking through my backyard, seeing my brother on the driveway. "You're not going to dance tonight, Uncle Ray is here to pick us up, dad is in the hospital." At 10 years old, you don't fully comprehend traumatic experiences. Looking back now as an adult, it has much "easier" to process. The doctors had no idea really what caused my dad's seizures. He had several, and they were going to monitor the small speck that he had in his brain. A few weeks later, spring time, we had a family meeting. My parents looked pretty serious, but it was probably another lecture of why we have to come home when the street lights come on and my brother and I were goofing around. "The doctors said I have a tumor in my brain, I wont be around to celebrate christmas. The smile faded from our faces. I remember not fully understanding. I truly believe that's when I went numb. I slowly watched my dad become so sick with cancer. He went from being the man that lights up every room, to not even knowing how to spell his own name. We decided to have in home hospice. My dad slipped into a coma, would moan in unconsious pain, to then have the tumor growing so big it caused his heart to stop. I was awake. I was awake when he died. For years after the guilt I felt for watching cartoons instead of going down to my sick father would create a lot of pain for me. After my mother got me, we walked downstairs together. I stood in the corner while my mom sat next him, while my Aunt (his sister) weeped over him. Time really stood still. I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life. 3 years later, while my family is still grieving and my mom surviving, one of my brothers got into a near fatal car accident. This accident cause my brother a closed brain injury. Again my families world was shattered. We are so thankful that my brother (another surivivor) lived, relearned even the simpliest tasks like talking, all over again the SEVERAL years that followed were very dark for me. I had so much anger. Being raised catholic I hated the god I grew to love, it really rattled my faith. I was more angry than the average teenager. I hated my house, my school, my family, at some points I even hated my life. I skipped so much school that I had to graduate a year late. I abused drugs and alcohol, and was so reckless with my body and mind. It wasn't until my junior year that something clicked. I switched to an alternative school with smaller class, and again had a huge influence from my art teacher there. I truly believe that Renaissance Alternative School saved my life. It was also at this time that I knew I was meant to be a teacher. Although I miss my father deeply and have had to come to terms with having a relationship with him in a much different way I would not change my experiences with trauma for anything. I love the person I am now. I am so aware of myself and my body. I have a relationship with a partner. Someone who I can grow with as a married couple, as well as grow as an individual. If it wouldn't have been for the path I took earlier, would I be where I am now? I'm honestly not interested.

While I was still living in Michigan at a pretty big crossroads in my life I met with a medium. She had foreseen my current relationship ending, my move to Texas, and the man I would be with, "he has a son", she says. When I first moved to Houston I didn't want to just meet dudes at bars. I didn't have many friends to connect me with other people, so I thought it would be good idea to connect with people through online dating. When I came across Jeremy's profile my meeting with the medium flashed across my brain. Could this really be him? From the moment I looked into his eyes it was like our souls were reunited. It wasn't just one of those situations where you felt like you knew each other forever. It was like 'I have been with you before and found you again'. A few months after Jeremy and I were dating I got to meet his adopted son, Rudy. A big bundle of loving energy is what I was greeted with, and the energy has only grown even more. The journey to becoming a mother wasn't what I had expected. Although it has been a challenging road, Rudy has truly been one of my greatest teachers. I have learned so much more about myself in the last 5 years than I ever imagined. I look forward to sharing the things I have learned, and the things I will continue to learn. Thanks for being here!


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