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My Pregnancy Experience: First Trimester

I’ve had baby fever for quite some time, I come from a pretty large family, I’ve worked with kids most of my life, I’ve been around a lot of pregnant women, but you really have no idea about your own pregnancy until you’re actually pregnant. I mean it does make sense; pregnancy is so individualized. We are all different and unique right? No wonder you can’t be fully prepared for it. Even if you’ve had several kids, your body is different each time you get pregnant and the person growing inside you and their needs are different each time as well. First and foremost I was incredibly thankful and happy for this to happen the very moment it did. The timing was truly divine. I will say when I started my first draft of this blog it became me sharing my story of conception, so I plan on sharing that as well, but it needs it's own space. I know what a gift this little one is and I still give thanks every single day for this baby, this pregnancy and the wonderful birth experience we will h…


Memorial Day at the Creek

 A few months back we were looking at a map of Houston. We don't mind driving a little bit further to just outside the city to find new places to explore (outside the loop for all my locals). While we were looking at this very large map google provides, we saw this small green area just north of Lake Houston in New Caney, TX. Ooh what's that? Lake Houston Wilderness Park! We always get excited to find new parks to explore and mushroom hunt. We like supporting the parks for many reasons, but one of the biggest is because they work really hard to preserve land from being torn apart and built upon. There are so many animals/creatures/plants species that are rapidly declining from destroyed ecosystems caused by us. We feel better about spending only a few dollars per person to enjoy the natural habitat of this region AND it feels good to spend  money that goes towards maintaining and restoring the beauty of these parks. With it only being 30 miles north of downtown Houston we were stoked to check it out. They have about 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, and it butts right up to Peach Creek where there's sandbars and banks to relax or picnic on. One of the best parts is putting your feet into the cool running water after hiking in the hot, humid heat. Sometimes we hike in our swim shorts just so we can dunk our whole selves into the water. Wow does it feel great! This park also has access to kayaking and horseback riding, which we have yet to experience.  They do have camping here which we are super excited about. Although their tent sites are 'hike in only' they are right along Peach Creek with some beautiful views. The rest of their camping sites were group sites (a lot of girl/boy scouts utilize them, this park offers a lot of educational opportunities), A-frame cabins that only provide electricity, and full cabins for those who like to enjoy their views with less bugs and more AC. We have visited this park a few times now and haven't even hiked everything. Anytime we are privelaged enough to all have the same day off, Jeremy and I try to plan some real quality family time. Breaking our normal routine to experience the things we love. As "outdoorsy" people, of course we love to go to parks. One of the other reasons we take family trips to the park is because it is less expensive. Taking family adventures can get pretty costly, but being one of those mamas who likes to budget the family's money this is a great option for us. We'll decide as a family what we want to take so we can picnic and stay nourished on the trails. Bringing our own food, and paying an inexpensive fee sets us up to go out as a family without breaking our budget. We get do something we really enjoy as a family, and we make wonderful memories. 

Just recently we here in the States celebrated Memorial Day. With a break from school, and a day off from work, we were excited that we had an opportunity to celebrate those we remember. I liked thinking about how beautiful this country is, and how thankful I am that people gave their lives so I can experience it in it's beauty. The best part of spending our Memorial Day hiking through Lake Houston Wilderness Park was all the discoveries we had. There were so many things for the each of us. Rudy got to observe several bugs and insects. We saw a huge grasshopper, and it hopped away right before we were able to snap  a picture. He caught a few moths. Played nina with a couple beetles and spotted a few butterflies. We even got to see some crawfish chimneys in the Cypress swamps.  

I got to hear the leaves blowing in the wind. Growing up in the 'Great Lakes State' leaves rustling through the trees is something you hear constantly, and I took it for granted not even realizing. Now it isn't something I hear as regulalry and truly miss it. I also got to see several flowers blooming, grassy knowles that cascade down to sandbars on the creek and birds singing, which of course included cardinals. Cardinals are everywhere down here in southern Texas and so happy to be.

Jeremy got to photograph and research several mushrooms. Some of which include: Amanitas, Russlas, Chanterelles, Bollets and even Xylaria Magnoliae!

Xylaria Magnoliae!






We really had a great memorial day. Hiked just over 6 miles, swam in the creek, had a picnic, beat the traffic and made it home for dinner and naps. Hope you've been getting outside! One Love.


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