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My Pregnancy Experience: First Trimester

I’ve had baby fever for quite some time, I come from a pretty large family, I’ve worked with kids most of my life, I’ve been around a lot of pregnant women, but you really have no idea about your own pregnancy until you’re actually pregnant. I mean it does make sense; pregnancy is so individualized. We are all different and unique right? No wonder you can’t be fully prepared for it. Even if you’ve had several kids, your body is different each time you get pregnant and the person growing inside you and their needs are different each time as well. First and foremost I was incredibly thankful and happy for this to happen the very moment it did. The timing was truly divine. I will say when I started my first draft of this blog it became me sharing my story of conception, so I plan on sharing that as well, but it needs it's own space. I know what a gift this little one is and I still give thanks every single day for this baby, this pregnancy and the wonderful birth experience we will h…


Full Moon - Detox

Edited photo. Original image credit: Jasper Jacobs - Getty Images
Jeremy and I have talked about it several times about doing a detox...pretty much all summer. With celebrations, events, work gigs and all the other excuses we could make it wasn't happening. After the new moon occurred I knew it was time, and like this full moon lunar eclipse is teaching us is to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Yes, I love having a glass of wine while I cook dinner, a beer with my vegan burger, or the french fries from the Eatsy Boys food truck BUT it's something that needs to be done in more moderation. With the summer and all things social it makes it's easier to indulge in the more convenient foods, and sip the adult beverages. The sleepless nights, bloating, and my hormones getting knocked off balance even more I was more than ready to do a detox. When the full moon occurs in amplifies our energy and is a really good time to release any and all things. It's a time to be your whole and true self. It makes sense to me to clean and purify myself inside and out so I can truly step forward into my truest form and manifest my dreams and desires. I was excited to do this detox, but deciding to do it after I finalized my budget, it didn't leave me much spending money for fancy juices or even more expensive ingredients that I sometimes like to splurge on when I do a cleanse. Don't get me wrong, the juices you can buy pre-made can be really fantastic and leave you feeling so nourished and revitalized, but there's no reason why you can't save some money by doing this with seasonal produce. I did a very simple, clean detox. I felt fantastic and slept even better. Here is what I consumed throughout the day. By the way, I love the blog The Rebel Coach. I love the way she talks about what's going on in the sky and how it affects us. Check her out

So for the past 4, or 5 months I started to do intermittent fasting. I wanted to loose just a few pounds for my wedding. After doing a bit more research I learned that it can help with adjusting hormones, aid in sleep, and help with sugar cravings. I did wake up and have a glass of lemon water like I do most mornings. Lemons are a pretty powerful detox, for your skin and organs especially the liver and kidneys. It's also well know as one of the best sources for vitamin c. Lemon also has properties to promote and jump start your digestion, so that's just another reason to drink it in the morning. If I don't have anything to add into my water (i.e. lemon or apple cider vinegar) I still drink  glass of room temp water. As we sleep our body goes through it's own little detox cycle so we are usually on the way to dehydration when we wake. Having a glass of water in the morning has not only helps me get going in the morning but believe it or not it helped with my transition of quiting coffee. By 7:30am I was at Bayou Bliss Yoga and privileged to be invited for a cocoa ceremony and breath session. WOW! I had never done a cocoa ceremony before but it was very magical. When I arrived we cleansed one another with sage, and pulled a Lotus Wei flower card. The card I pulled, date palm flower, could not have been more in alignment with what this summer has shown me, as well as my intention for the breath session/full moon. After we shared our cards we moved on to the ceremonial chocolate. We did a visualization meditation, sipped the creamy cocoa, and shared in a communal discussion. What a wonderful preparation to open up for our integrative breathwork. I felt so connected and grounded! It was very nourishing as well. As we breathed a beautiful female energy came forward. It was extremely nurturing. I have had a lot a fear surrounding my art, putting it out there and created a business that would be a perfect summer job when I'm not teaching. She helped me open even more and let go. She could have been and angel, a guide, mother that moment it didn't matter. I was free to fully open my heart and connect more with my passion. Keep your eyes peeled on Bayou Bliss Yoga's schedule  for their next cocoa ceremony.

Once I came back from my blissful morning, and got home I had another glass of lemon water followed by a cup of organic ginger & turmeric tea. I got it from Trader Joe's. Their tea selection is pretty decent for store bought. I chose this tea because, yes it's in my tea cupboard BUT it also has a lot of benefits for the body. Gingers biggest benefit is it aids in digestion! If your are detoxing to help clean up your digestive track ginger is a must. The main reason I love it so much is it's also an anti-inflammatory. For someone who becomes easily inflamed from the wheat and white rice I tend to consume (and don't forgot all the additives in processed foods) these types of foods are a high priority in my daily diet. Ginger also helps regulate your blood sugar, which when you do a cleanse or detox and you haven't really done them your blood sugar can drop so this power root can help. A little side note for my ladies who menstruate is ginger can help with period cramps. The other super root, turmeric, has a lot of similar benefits as ginger: digestion, PMS, and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric majorly increases the antioxidant capacity in the body, which if you haven't heard have anti cancer properties. It's also been known to help with brain health and mood boosting, so any of my people who struggle with mood swings or depression get some turmeric in your diet.

I know I probably broke my fast when I the delicious cocoa ceremonial beverage because of the fat content, but honestly I didn't notice a huge different. It was something special I had planned and was detoxing the rest of the day so I was fine with it. When I broke my fast by consuming food I had a very simple and tasty smoothie. I normally have greens in my fridge but we ate them all. So I just threw into the blender some almond milk, banana, frozen peaches, ground flax seed and mct oil. It was super refreshing for the hot Houston heat and held my over until dinner time. We got busy creating some tie-dye t-shirts with 8th Wonder brewery, but with the amount of water I was drinking that I was fine. If I do get hungry I make another smoothie, usually green with a lot of veggies and some fiberous fruit like apples. This time around I was fine without it.

For dinner I like to CHEW; that's one of the reasons why I normally don't do only juice cleanses. Although I have majority liquid, there's just something about chewing. When I'm able to chew something I don't feel deprived at all. I usually do either a miso soup with a ton of raw veggies thrown in when I turn off the heat or a huge salad. It's the middle of summer and the a.c. in my house is not the best so soup was not about to happen. I massaged some kale in tahini and lemon juice, threw in some zucchinis, cucumbers, asparagus, parsley, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and left over quinoa from my fridge. It was absolutely delicious and satisfying!

After I did some digesting I ran a bath. You can totally take baths in the summer time because your bath doesn't need to be super hot, but as a water sign I love taking a baths - it's basically a need for me.  There's nothing I love more than soaking in the tub, the room filled with candle light, and the faint scent of palo santo or sage. Not only do salt baths help draw out the toxins, for me it's just another step I can take to let go and release old junk. For a detox bath add a cup of Epsom salt (or sea), a half a cup of baking soda, and several drops of your favorite essential oil. There really isn't a bad oil to choose, they're all fantastic. To be honest though you don't have to have it. Even if you just have salt, that alone will still pull a lot of gunk out of your system. Epsom salt and baking soda can be purchased for less than $10, just be sure to moisturize your skin when you get out of the tub.

I used to absolutely LOVE snuggling up next to Jeremy when the day was done with a tasty beer, or a yummy glass of wine but with my fertility at risk I had to let that go. Like I mentioned earlier it also left me restless during the night. I still wanted to enjoy that routine, so I decided to switch out the beverage. Drinking calming tea not only helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep, but it's also keeps me from late night snacking. One of my favorite tea brands while detoxing, or even when I don't feel well is Traditional Medicines. They're organic, have a wide variety, and are pretty readily available at most grocery stores I've seen. I also love the little messages you get on the little tea tag. When my allergies get really bad and irritate my throat my go to is Throat Coat with some fresh lemon. It feels so amazing. For the evening of the full moon I sipped on some Nighty Nighty after my bath. It was a great way to end the day.

A little bit of full moon journaling and my day was complete. One of my favorite things about doing a detox is I get the best sleep. I truly feel like I sleep well. Sometimes when I wake up I still feel low energy but then I either go back to sleep or allow myself time to slow get up and get going. This detox has inspired me to do more full moon detoxes. It just makes sense to me and feels fantastic. I look forward to the next one. Have you done a detox or cleanse before? If so what is your favorite way to do it? I would love to hear what you do, how it makes you feel and any other tips you want to share in the comments below.


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