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My Pregnancy Experience: First Trimester

I’ve had baby fever for quite some time, I come from a pretty large family, I’ve worked with kids most of my life, I’ve been around a lot of pregnant women, but you really have no idea about your own pregnancy until you’re actually pregnant. I mean it does make sense; pregnancy is so individualized. We are all different and unique right? No wonder you can’t be fully prepared for it. Even if you’ve had several kids, your body is different each time you get pregnant and the person growing inside you and their needs are different each time as well. First and foremost I was incredibly thankful and happy for this to happen the very moment it did. The timing was truly divine. I will say when I started my first draft of this blog it became me sharing my story of conception, so I plan on sharing that as well, but it needs it's own space. I know what a gift this little one is and I still give thanks every single day for this baby, this pregnancy and the wonderful birth experience we will h…


How We Choose To Heal

I always found it so interesting that healing without western medicine is called "alternative healing". I understand it, but I do think it's kind of funny when these healing processes have been used for thousands of years. Like I have mentioned in the past I have always felt a connect to our Mother Earth, so it made sense to me to use her properties for healing like my ancestors have done. I also got interested into it because at 18 years old with no health insurance I would seek ways to heal myself without going to the doctor. I was just figuring this whole adulting thing out, I didn't have tons of money (or wanted to go into debt) for congestion or a belly ache. Over the course of my twenties I would embark on a healing adventure that has led me to a vegan diet. There is so much research that has been done linking illness and dis-ease to food. That's something I have so much control over, and contrary to popular belief it is actually CHEAPER to eat a diet full of fresh produce than it is to buy from the meat department. Even if you purchase the organic-hormone free- grass fed meat, the price tags were way more than I could afford in my early twenties and even now feeding a growing boy and a husband and wife who love food (and eating ALL of it). I wont get into the ethics behind a vegan diet - we can save that for another blog post - and yes, those documentaries others in the vegan community talk about on Netflix should be watched. Looking back on my early days I don't really know where it began. Maybe I don't need a starting point, I don't think it matters. What matters is you can heal your body, your mind, and you spirit without going to the hospital and taking a bunch of pills. 

***This blog is not to bash western medicine. I have people in my life who take prescription medication to be healthy, and successful. I believe their is a place for it.We are very thankful for modern science and medicine. BUT I don't believe in over prescribing medication, nor do I believe that people should be going bankrupt because they seek medical attention.

It's so exciting that now there has been so much research on what changing your mindset and practicing stillness can improve your mental health. Especially when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. For all my science thinkers, like my husband, this article is just one of the many you can find on the subject. I will most likely write this one million times but meditation has truly has changed my life. We all have our triggers - money, schedules, relationships, school, work - I mean I can go on...I have had so many anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, and meltdowns full of tears. I used to turn to cigarettes, alcohol, and my favorite junk foods. It was this unhealthy and horrible cycle I was stuck in. I would physically feel so sick all the time. I was always bloated, uncomfortable and unrested. Luckily I found yoga which introduced me to meditation. I guess you could say in my catholic days as a little girl is really when my meditation practice started, BUT in my own bubble of awareness at the time yoga was when I really realized I could live more intentionally and truly have control over thoughts. I was no longer a prisoner to something so crippling. Once again, it was changing my life completely and moving to Houston that kept me on this path. Luckily I lived with someone who meditated every day, taught it and performed sound healing baths!! I know not everyone is as lucky as I was (or am). I moved out, grew my family and found it challenging to keep a regular practice...always found the excuse: I don't have time. I would get stressed out and my anxiety would spin me out for days was when I started to search for quicker meditations that were just more simple for me to do. This is when I found BexLife aka Rebekah Borucki. Between my job at the yoga studio, and her YouTube videos I was able to find a way to meditate that worked with my new life. After a few years of me watching her meditation videos, which by the way most of them are less then 5 minutes, she came out with You Have 4 Minutes To Change Your Life. I Highly recommend this book for multiple reasons. 1.) You think meditation is a religious practice (it's not). She had a really great way of articulating this perspective 2.)If your a mother and have a hard time balancing your mental health and doing all the things and carving out time for yourself pick up a copy. 3.) It's written in such a way that it's like experiencing a heart to heart, or just a deep conversation with a close friend. My meditation has evolved, but isn't that what this life's journey is about? If you just sit for a few minutes every day, cleared your head what you could you accomplish? If when your anxiety takes ahold of you and you have a tool to bring you back to a safe way of thinking, how much differently can you spend your time? I think I need to write a whole blog on meditation and all the wonderful things it can do for you. All I know is I have had this in my life consistently for 5 years and I am living in such a new light. There is a reason these ancient practices are still around and are used by so many people.

Anytime I would research holistic ways to heal, or more natural ways to clean my home essential oils always popped up. I would pick up things here and there from the store, but it wasn't until I became a mom that I actually made the investment in the diffusers and oils. Talk about helping with anxiety. I put this on mid-day, during one of those long days where everyone is in a funk total game changer. Our allergies kick on from the crazy pollen and dust that floats around this southern Texas air, mix some essential oils and we're good. I mean they are truly worth the price. It is such a healthier way to treat illnesses and to clean your home. I have made a few blends for the diffuser, used them in the tub to soak and applied them directly to our bodies. If it didn't heal us, it sure was helpful in the process!

Nutrition was always something that interested me. Looking back, some of my favorite memories of my Dad were when we were in the kitchen together or out in the garden. Those memories go hand in hand and are intertwined. I also watched my dad heal himself mentally and physically with his nutrition weight. My mom always tried to make healthful choices for her family. She would always bring her family recipes and traditions in the kitchen with us by her side. I was taught that there is an important connection that we have with food. We're always striving to keep that connection strong. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I started to have gut issues. My mom shared with me Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He has done the research! Oh WOW. The results he saw in his patients, truly amazing. This is a must read book! As a society who is struggle with obesity and dis-ease, we can all benefit in some way from this book. So much illness is connected to, but can also be healed with FOOD. Some people say that it's "too expensive to eat healthy" I am proof that it's not at all. As someone who runs around the city between working, karate practice, after school enrichments, and all the other errands it is hard not to reach for convenient foods. Yes we do have them once in a while, and in moderation. BUT we as a family are focusing our energy into healing, not cravings. It's a process like anything else, but it's our health we're talking about here. My son needs to be able to focus in school, I need more hormones in balance and functioning well, my husband needs to heal his gut and lower back pain. This can truly be done (mostly) through our diet. AND just to throw this in there, studies have shown those who have a vegan diet have a longer life expectancy.

Another great tool we use on the regular to heal, especially emotionally, is sound therapy. Just like the research about meditation, there is a lot of really interested studies done around sound and the healing properties of it's vibration. My aunt has a wonderful write up about sound and it's benefits here. It originally started with my aunt's alchemy crystal bowls. I went to her concerts and after downloading her album added them to my meditation practice. One of the biggest benefits I noticed outside myself was with my son. When my son came to live with us one of our biggest struggles was bedtime. Like most children who have suffered some type of trauma, he not only had an extremely difficult time not only falling asleep but staying asleep. For me personally I can relax to the bowls, I just can't sleep with them on. Watching my son's experience really goes to show that everyone is different. We all heal in our own way. After seeing how he slept at my husbands house (at the time he was only still my boyfriend) I knew that we had to help him, a high energy child needs his sleep! I added my aunt's crystal bowl album to my phone and began playing it for him at bedtime. It has really helped him not only relax at bedtime, but has helped him to stay asleep. I really believe the bowls help him release some of his fears that revolve around bedtime. The way I use them personally is I put on the bowls during a longer savasana, after a breathwork session, a mid-day brain break meditation, bath time release (as a water sign, I take a lot of baths to detox and release #selfcare), or at a concert to set an intention and heal within a community. Another fantastic sound healing tool I have been so lucky to experience and keep as a tool in my toolbox is Tuning Forks. Holy moly, talk about things shifting immediately! These are something that not only work on a emotional/energetic level but also physical. Tuning forks quickly eliminate pain within the body. I have had all my tuning forks (biofield tuning) sessions with my friend Dana at Bayou Bliss Yoga. We even did an experiment with the tuning forks and cellulite. I was insecure about my thighs and their cellulite ever since I was probably about 9 years old. After our 3 sessions I could not believe my new found connection with my thighs. Not only did I accept them for their beauty, I also could access and feel their power in such a new way. I have done body work acceptance for quite some time, and nothing worked on my thighs the way the forks did. You should talk with her about the tuning forks and their power, they are so amazing! One of the best parts about her sessions is she also does them remotely and I know first hand that it's just as affective as it would be in person.

At the end of the day it really all begins and ends with you. Cultivating a connection with yourself is one of the biggest things you can to for your health. If you have a relationship with yourself and your body and you truly learn to trust yourself it will be easier to navigate your illness and treatments. This a process and for sure takes time. I will say though it is worth the effort. Practicing awareness of the body is well worth it...again this is one of the many wonderful things a yoga and meditation practice will offer you. Let go of the fear! The relationship we have with ourselves is the longest relationship we have during our time on this lovely planet. It only makes sense that it is the healthiest, and best relationship you have. Do you have other ways you and your family heal? Please share with me in the comments below. 


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